Woodlands through the seasons

This week’s images will be added to the Landscapes section in the portfolio. They feature woodland scenes through the four seasons.

This springtime photo is on one of our favourite walks in the New Forest, close to where we used to live. The fresh young beech foliage really lifts the spirit and has a special feeling of purity.

This was taken on a summer walk through the woodland on the steep slope above Lough Hyne in County Cork. The rich mosses on the trunks of the trees (an indicator of the cleanliness of the air) add to the overwhelming verdancy of the scene.

The end of the growing season approaches and the trees give a final glorious display of colour before settling down for the winter. This is also in the New Forest, close to the High Corner Inn which is one of the more remote pubs in the forest.

I love these two magnificent oaks standing so proudly, like battle-scarred warriors, in spite of their age. They are in the Glengarriff Nature reserve, Co Cork, and I hope they survive many more years.

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