I’m not sure what “genre” these photos fall into so I’ve called them textures. In most cases I look for a detail in a subject which has an appeal in its own right. Other than that, there is no particular connection between them.

This was on a beach in Hampshire. The foam created by the breaking waves must have contained minute amounts of some form of oil contamination, just enough to give the bubbles their rainbow hues.
This is the surface of a frozen puddle in a New Forest bog. The ice has thawed and re-frozen a few times leaving interesting contour-like patterns.
A reflection on the surface of a New Forest stream under a bridge. The iron in the water gives the red hues – in fact it looks like an abstract watercolour!
We hung some old CDs in the garden as bird-scarers and they deteriorated in such a way that, when the sunlight caught them at the right angle, these extraordinary patterns appeared.

This is the underside of the seat on an old mini-digger.
Another puddle surface in a boggy area of the New Forest. Natural oils give the lovely golden sheen and numerous insects trapped on the surface add to the overall texture.

These are all added to the Textures section of the Portfolio.

10 thoughts on “Textures

  1. You can do so much with textures, Oliver. I suppose everything – all art, perhaps – is texture in a way. I like how you have approached this subject. The CD, particularly, is wonderful!

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    1. The mystery element is quite important to me. I like to challenge viewers to work out what they are looking at – perhaps I spoil that by giving a description of each image?


  2. I really like these pictures. You don’t mention the blue background colour in the first image. I seem to remember that phenomenon occurred after a period of storms and heavy rain the the clays washed out of the cliffs turning parts of the beach that amazing colour.
    I think my favourite is the reflection under the bridge picture – it reminds me of a Rothko painting – gorgeous.


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