A New Year

Over the last few months I have been trawling through the thousands of images on my hard drive and publishing some of those that I find interesting. As we enter a new year I find that I am beginning to “scrape the barrel” for a regular weekly post with a theme of some sort! I’m going to start this year with a different approach (which may or may not work) and post at random intervals when I find something I would like to share.

Over Christmas we had family visiting from UK and USA. We went for a walk at Three Castle Head on a stormy day – it is an amazing place, steeped in history.

The grass around the base of the castles was blown into patterns resembling both tree roots and wave forms.

A good day out…

9 thoughts on “A New Year

    1. The “scraping” is to find images that (to me) have something just a bit more than a nice photo. There are lots of candidates but making the decision as to whether they qualify is the difficult bit! It’s a bit like having writer’s cramp! I’m thinking I’ll be moving more towards new photos, rather than archived ones but we’ll see….

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  1. That was an eventful day – for some – complete with falls and the loss of car keys, but your photos beautifully capture the tranquility of that place in spite of such disruptions. Wonderful, timeless photos.


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