I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer. My first serious shots were taken with my grandfathers ancient Kodak Retina, which I still have. It is a 35mm camera with a lens that folds out on bellows and a shutter that has to be cocked by hand before release. It has a beautiful Zeiss lens but was restrictive for the kind of images I wanted to make. I took the step up to an SLR in about 1972. Initially I used Minolta gear, then moved to Nikon and went digital before changing to Fujifilm mirrorless kit for it’s compactness as well as quality.

I don’t really have a fixed style. Some images are simply to record an event, others try to capture something unusual in a situation and some are experimental. Reactions to my work have been very encouraging so I thought I would stick my head over the parapet and share them to a wider audience.