Decaying boats

Building a wooden boat is the most amazing human endeavour that we can so easily take for granted. The skills involved are profound and generations of knowledge go into the process. Once construction is finished these vessels embark on a life of work in, often, arduous conditions. Some perish at sea, others reach a point where it becomes impractical to continue to maintain them in seaworthy condition. Many end up beached somewhere that useful parts can be easily salvaged and then they are left to the elements to finish the job.

Brittany, France.

These first four photos are scanned from old negatives from 2003 which were not in the best condition! The abandoned vessels were drawn up on a beach where the various stages of decay can be seen.

Today I was taken to a little inlet on the River Ilen where a similar process is taking place. The construction principles are the same if the styles are slightly different.

Beautiful in life and, strangely, beautiful in death as well. These images are added to the Boats and Wrecks album in the portfolio,

7 thoughts on “Decaying boats

  1. Elegant ladies .. thanks Oll.
    I remember an old wreck by the bridge into Union Hall. Long gone now, but as a child it had me wondering how it got there.


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