Some more machinery

This is a detail of a carding machine in a wool museum in Wales. What I love about it is that they used teasel flowers set into this large rotating drum – for all man’s ingenuity the natural product (which had, presumably, been used by hand for generations) couldn’t be improved upon!
On a sandy beach in Normandy this winch drum was gradually been eroded away – dust to dust…..
A horse-drawn plough has found a new role as part of a garden wall in West Cork.
This tractor is going nowhere. Photographed somewhere in West Cork.
This is another non-runner but keep it in the back of your mind as it will be relevant to a future post!
This is the engine on an old Fordson tractor which was still in regular use in Hampshire, UK. The owner had kept it is very sound mechanical condition but allowed a “patina” to develop on the rest of it.

2 thoughts on “Some more machinery

  1. Wonderful how machinery can have so much personality. The carder is practically a cyborg. Thanks Oll.


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