Photographing birds is notoriously difficult! I can’t stop myself from trying and, among the many duds there are occasionally the odd “keeper”. In today’s post, some are birds that I was pleased to see in our garden, others are as much for the setting as the bird itself.

A heron having a siesta on what I think is an oyster bed frame in Rosscarbery. Not perfectly in focus but the situation was so bizarre and the blue feather so unexpected that I can’t resist it.
On the same day in Rosscarbery, this egret, and its reflection, on the strong colours of the rippled water appealed to me.
One of the choughs that nest in our barn – amazing wingtips.
A blackbird eying up the berries.
Meadow pipits are so shy and flighty that I was glad to catch one out in the open.
The blue in the eye of this jackdaw is quite startling.
Evening sunlight enriching the colours of our resident pheasant’s plumage.
A bunch of starlings “hanging out” like a group of teenagers!

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