Portraits 3

The first two portraits this week have connections to earlier posts in a different category – old machinery. They also have a connection with old boats.

John, having a rest on the gunwale of this wrecked fishing boat, is (or was) the owner of the old tractor that was on the Butter Road near Schull. It is in the machinery section of the portfolio. I say was because it has now been sent off for scrap. He does have a collection of working farm machinery about which he is very knowledgeable. I like the devoted way his dog is looking up at him.
Shaun was standing on the foredeck of a beautiful old tug boat that he was about to scrap as it was way beyond its sell-by date. The engine room can also be seen in the machinery section. (He is also my brother-in-law, having married my youngest sister this year!)
This regular of the Ballydehob Jazz Festival is taking a break from his pall bearing duties to make a phone call. I like the incongruity of it and it also serves as a sort of introduction to the following portraits which all have a musical connection. They could have gone in the music and musicians section of the portfolio but, in this case, they are more about the person than the music so I put them in here.

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