Looking a bit closer

Sometimes it is worthwhile to forget the broader picture and look in at some of the details. Patterns and textures present themselves if you look for them.

This bit of seaweed was being washed back and forth by the breaking waves which were forming foam along the beach. Some kind of oil pollution was creating lovely rainbow colours on the bubbles.
A different kind of seaweed, dried out on the rocks with almost all traces of colour bleached out.
This was part of a beautiful cauliflower fungus that we found in the New Forest – it tasted delicious!
These pine cones and needles looked so extraordinary when I inverted the image into a negative that I kept it that way – they look like they’re floating in milk.
The contrasting colours in this tree bark caught my attention.
A beech leaf surrounded by some water soaked sycamore leaves, looking like burnished gold.

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