Another closer look

There is no specific theme to the photos this week except that, although they are not “macro” shots, they are all looking at a detail in the landscape. My reasons for selecting them are to do with colour and shapes – in other words, textures.

Copper beech leaves after a shower of rain. They have an almost metallic look.
Copper and rain also feature in this shot. The copper as a component of the bronze that forms the blade of this ship’s propeller.
Autumn leaves and pine needles in the New Forest in Hampshire, where you get a wide variety of species growing together.
It was the colours in this puddle that caught my eye.
This was a sea defence wall reflected in a pool of water on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny late afternoon and I loved the contrast between the golden colours of the concrete and the deep blue sky blended by the gentle ripples.
Another reflection. This time the tip of a submerged pine branch showing above the surface of a forest pond.

9 thoughts on “Another closer look

  1. Wasn’t that 5th image taken at Charmouth? Or somewhere on the West Dorset Coast? The colours were so stunning and the reflection like liquid gold. Great to capture that Ol.


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