Some colour for a grey day

On a dull grey day like today, I thought it would be an idea to add a bit of colour to brighten things up!

Horrific as it is to find such concentrations of plastic waste washed up on a beach, I couldn’t help being drawn to the vibrant colours….
The “Dumping Strictly Prohibited” sign has somehow become incorporated into the offerings left on this wishing tree in Connemara.
Adding graffiti to a wall in Prague.
A lovely selection of produce in a store in Brooklyn.
In Hegarty’s Boatyard on the River Ilen, “Cally Marie” in need of a lot of work.
An outhouse door in Kerry.

6 thoughts on “Some colour for a grey day

    1. Not as far as I can make out! It is known as the Killary Harbour wishing tree and is found in a large “viewpoint” lay-by on the N59, about 3km west of Leenane. I can’t see anything nearby on the Historic Environment viewer and, although there are several results for it in a Google search, there doesn’t seem to be any information about it! Local knowledge would be the key……


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