Birds and Animals

A pair of choughs
A whole family on the wing, soon after fledging.
Chough gathering nesting material.
A chough chick soon after fledging.
Adult chough.
Bullfinch gathering seeds from a thistle.
Bullfinch with a beak full of seeds.
Lesser redpoll
Lesser redpoll.
Young rook demanding food from its parent.
Rook trying to steal food from the birdtable.
Arab stallion and bantam cockerel at a stud in Devon.
Connemarra pony.
A bundle of bumblebees.
Heron, Rosscarbery, West Cork.
Egret, Rosscarbery, West Cork.
Chough, Stouke, West Cork.
Blackbird, Stouke, West Cork.
Meadow pipit, Stouke, West Cork.
Jackdaw, Derrenatra, West Cork.
Pheasant, Stouke, West Cork.
Starlings, Stouke, West Cork.

5 thoughts on “Birds and Animals

  1. Beautiful pictures but the ‘Arab mare’ was actually a stallion, my horse’s grandsire, Sheruggi :). Hope you’re all well much love


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