Sunrise and sunset

It’s hard to resist a good sunrise or sunset. Here is a selection from different locations – they more or less speak for themselves. They all bring back memories for me!

This was an unusually vivid dawn from our kitchen window. It was as though there was a great forest fire but, fortunately, it was just a fleeting display.
Looking up Roaringwater Bay from Kilkilleen Beach. A great location for a sunset when the conditions are right.
Another beach location, this time at Barton-on-Sea in Hampshire, UK. Close to where we used to live and spent many hours searching for fossilised sharks teeth…
A bit further East, near Dell Quay in Chichester Harbour. The “X” made by the con trails reflected in the mirror like water was irresistible for me.
Finally, for this week, a shot taken at the “Big Green Gathering” back in 2006.

These are all added to the Sun and moon shots in the portfolio section.

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