….. and the moon

After the sunset and sunrise photos in my last post, I had intended to do something completely different this week but along came a pink moon and the decision was made for me! The April full moon, which we experienced on Wednesday, is actually named, not for its colour but for the wild ground phlox which produce their pink blossoms at this time of year. I went out and set myself up on a hilltop, hoping to get a shot of the moon rising over Kilcoe Castle in Roaringwater Bay, but the clouds all along the horizon defeated me. When I got home, and the moon has risen high enough to peek through gaps in the cloud, I managed to get a couple of shots of a rather orange moon. I think the colour would have been more intense if I had caught it earlier.

However, frustrating though the clouds were that evening, the moon managed to make them look quite dramatic.

Here are a couple more shots, taken a few years ago, of the moon shining through the clouds.

Sometimes the effect can be quite ghostly.

Strange artefacts can appear, like the rings in this shot which I used in my first post.

And, to finish up like last week, a photo from the Big Green Gathering in 2007.

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