I want to add some images to the “Portraits and People” section in my portfolio. I don’t intend to say much about each one – the aim of a portrait is to show something of the character of the person so, hopefully, they will speak for themselves.

When our family first started visiting Ireland we used to love to go out in a boat and fish for mackerel. Curly, in this photo, at the age of 70 used to row us out a mile or two in his wooden punt and patiently help us untangle our lines and get the fish off the hooks when we were lucky enough to catch them. It was hard work for long hours but he never showed any sign of complaint.
This is one way of cooling down on a hot summer day in New York.
David at the wheel of his elderly Land Rover.
What can I say? True love!
It’s not every day you get a ride in a Fire Engine – a bit overwhelming, perhaps?
Beautiful as the surroundings are, it wouldn’t have been the same without the child in the window.

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