Some beach huts

Beach huts are found in many countries but, somehow, they seem to be a very English phenomenon. The concept of having somewhere to change while preserving modesty is very Victorian but has evolved into something more in some places. Mostly, the sites where these are found are owned by the local authority and are leased from them. Tenants can be almost fanatical in their devotion to them and, like allotments, there are often long waiting lists to get a tenancy. The leases in some places, change hands for significant money. There are even some which, due to a clause in their tenancy, can be slept in for a few months of the year which fetch hundreds of thousands of pounds when they change hands. Some are beautifully maintained – others show the signs of the inevitable exposure to the weather.

Even a habitable looking unit like this one has no running water and the toilet block may be some way down the beach.
The elements do beautiful things to any paint that manages to cling to the wood.
And black and white can look dramatic too.
Their popularity doesn’t seem to be effected by lack of privacy – the beach promenade on this site runs right past their doors!
Getting some height above the pounding waves can be an advantage.
Not all huts on the beach are recreational. This peculiar shaped building, on Hurst Spit in Hampshire, was used by fisherman to store their equipment. I think they hung nets in the tower to dry and repair them. Unfortunately, it was burned down a few years ago, almost certainly an act of vandalism.

6 thoughts on “Some beach huts

  1. These places bring back such happy memories. Particularly the old fisherman’s hut on Hurst Spit – site of many a merry summer picnic returning home in the still of the evening to the sound of all the sea birds settling in for the night.

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  2. Good memories for me too. When my children were young we had a beach hut on Bude beach every year – for the whole summer! I worked in Bude at the time. I understand that most of them have gone now…

    Your photos are a great record, Oliver!

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  3. And me – my friend’s granny had a beach hut at Frinton on Sea and we spent many happy days there covered in sand. Good to see a few delapidated specimens still exist, I thought they’d all been gentrified


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