Old machinery

There is great beauty in the machines that we make. They are designed for a purpose and many of them fulfil that task for many years. But, in time, they wear out or become uneconomical to repair. Even in their declining years they can appeal to the eye.

I took this picture a few years ago on the Butter Road between Schull and Ballydehob. Since then it decayed further and I put a couple of photos from last year in my first post (they are in the Machinery section of the portfolio). This year, what remained of it has been removed, presumably for scrap as it was way beyond viable restoration!
These truck carcasses were seeing out their days in an olive grove in Corfu. It looks like all useful parts have been removed. It’s a very peaceful setting!
Visitors to the Mizen Head will be familiar with this old bronze ship’s propellor in the car park.
This was the engine room of an ancient tug in Castletownbere. Amazingly, it ran really well and was motored round from Cork to be scrapped.
These hydraulic hoses on the boom of a mini-digger have “grown” colours that were not original specification.
This ticket machine was in a seaside carpark at Hengistbury Head in Dorset. The salty air is doing its best to destroy it but it keeps on functioning.

4 thoughts on “Old machinery

  1. Again, you’re catching what’s slowly disappearing. I love the ticket machine. To think of the storms that engine room survived….


  2. Quite sad that the tractor on the Butter Road has gone. I rather liked it although I know same saw it as an ‘eyesore’.


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