Improvising musicians

I’ve written about this series of photos in an earlier post, Chasing the Music, so I’ll just say that while these musicians were improvising freely (no prepared music or pre-arranged plan) I was trying to capture the music visually.

This cymbal is an interesting example – it looks like the crash of sound is evaporating off its surface, like steam off a boiling cauldron!
In a similar fashion, the notes seem to be flowing off the piano keys.
I inverted this image (reversing the colours in Photoshop to make a negative of the original) which gives the tambourine an eerie deep sea creature look.
Guitarist in full flow.
The accordionist, playing his heart out.
Susie playing her harp and making clouds of magical music.

These are all added to the Musicians and Music section of the portfolio.

8 thoughts on “Improvising musicians

  1. The Safehouse collective was an amazing space for creating music ‘in the moment’. I really miss that opportunity it provided for collaborating, tuning in a listening to each other and unlocking the creative flow. Oliver has captured some of the essence of what was happening in these images.

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  2. There is something very special about these images Oliver. They really create a kind of ‘synesthesia’ between sound, performance and image.

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