Some fauna…

We have feeders in our garden for small birds but this year we have had an influx of rooks and jackdaws doing everything they can to get at the birdseed. Sometimes they wait below the feeder to catch the seeds discarded by the sparrows and chaffinches – at others they hang off the feeder to try and shake the food out. Very clever but also very annoying. Their activity this morning made me decide to do photos of fauna this week.

This young rook was persistently demanding his breakfast though he looks quite big enough to find it for himself!
Another rook, trying to get at our “fortified” bird table.
It’s not just the rooks that can be annoying. This arab mare (my apologies – he is actually a stallion) doesn’t seem to be appreciating the bantam’s singing.
This Connemarra pony is looking much more relaxed in her native habitat.
One of our labradors, Bilbo, doing what labradors do – getting wet. Sadly, he and his sister, below, both died in the last couple of years.
Shonagh, chasing fairies in a New Forest stream.
And something completely different. When I first saw this bundle of bumblebees on the ground I thought there were just two of them. When I looked at the image more closely it looked like three but it is such a tangle that there may be four…. I don’t know anything about bumblebee behaviour but it looks like they are mating.

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6 thoughts on “Some fauna…

  1. I like your shot of the crow landing on the feeder. We too have the same thing with crows and jackdaws – the latter can get onto the nut cage and they drop nuts down for the crows waiting below. There is a huge flock at the moment as they all have young and they wake us early jumping on the roof and cawing loudly.

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    1. This is the first year that we’ve had them in such numbers! They wait in the trees for me to come out and fill the feeders and then send up an alarm call to alert the others. One young rook from last year’s brood (we’ve named Pavarooki” sits on the roof singing the most extraordinary songs – sounds more like a monkey than a bird!


  2. Great pics, Oliver! I love it that we live cheek by jowl with the animal world here in our west Cork gardens. We currently have pheasants, rabbits, rats, the occasional hare – and all those same birds! the rooks must just travel around the area raiding the feeders…

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    1. You’re quite right, Robert. I wonder whether the relative decrease in human activity due to Covid restrictions, has led to an increase in wildlife in general – it certainly seems so.


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