Some more people

This was taken on the same day as one of the images in my last post on portraits. It was a sweltering day in downtown New York and the fire hydrant had been opened up to cool things down. It also provided plenty of opportunity to play and this is my sister, Gina, cartwheeling through the improvised fountain.
This is a portrait of my grandmother taken in the mid ’70s. She was born on this day (4th July) in 1891.
Keeping things in the family, this is my cousin Emma taken in the late ’60s or early ’70s when both our families used to come out to West Cork for the summer.
In the early ’80s I spent some time on the remote island of St Helena with my girlfriend. We were “camping” in a derelict shack up in the mountains and were befriended by some of the locals. I can’t remember her name but she and her friend spent time with us and she loved having her make up done!
In the ’70s, as young adults, we used to spend time in the “snug” at the end of the bar in the Wine Vaults in Skibbereen when we came to town. The barman looks like he’s come in to ask us to leave but it was actually to take an order for the next round of drinks.
Fastnet asleep! This was Henry who had come to visit us with his parents. We went to Crookhaven for crab sandwiches at O’Sullivan’s Bar and then to the beach where the journey took it’s toll and he needed a siesta.

7 thoughts on “Some more people

  1. Four absolutely beautiful women…
    And I’m not too sure what’s going on in the wine vaults!
    But I do know the dreamy sensation of nodding off on sea grass over the ocean.
    Thanks Oll
    Loving your photos

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