These are more photos of boats at, or beyond, the end of their working life.

This old fishing boat lies in a cove off Schull Harbour. John, who was out walking his dog, is taking a break in this very peaceful spot. There will be more about him in a future post but he tells me that the boat was built by Heggarty’s at Old Court, on the River Ilen, and that she has been lying here for thirty years or so.
This vessel has been abandoned on a jetty on the River Ilen. It has been stripped of anything useful and one wonders what will become of the hulk.
These are two shots of a wreck on the League in Castlehaven. It was many years ago and I keep meaning to go back and see whether any trace remains of it.
A punt up in Co Galway – it looked like it had been left to rot in this beautiful setting.
This curious boat, tied up to a pontoon in Limerick, had probably simply filled with rainwater. I can’t make out whether it was paddled or rowed or even punted!

8 thoughts on “Wrecks

  1. These old boats decay so gracefully – always photogenic. The colours in the paintwork are always fascinating to me.


    1. I wonder, sometimes, whether it is a bit morbid to record dying boats? Perhaps I should do a series on ones that are still in their prime?? I do agree that they have an irresistible fascination as they decay.

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