Some trees

Trees are magnificent complex organisms. Whether standing alone or crowded into a woodland they have a beauty that can stop you in your tracks to just wonder at them.

A solitary oak in an open part of the New Forest in Hampshire.
Another “loner”, again in the New Forest, this birch is reflected in the mirror like pond, keeping itself company!
Glengarriff woodland in Co Cork where the trees seem to grow out of the rocks. In spite of this, and helped by the beautifully clean air, they are richly verdant.
Also in the woodland at Glengarriff, these birch trees form a delicate screen in front of the woodland behind them, bathed in sunshine.
Light playing on trees again, this time a stand of oaks back in the New Forest.
Still in the New Forest, this beech tree fell years ago but refused to stop growing, forming a living arch.

Having selected these images and drafted this post, I received an email from my sister, Bena. She had made friends on line with an environmental campaigner, Joannah Stutchbury, partly because they share the same unusual surname. Joannah’s mission in life was to protect the Kiambu Forest, on the outskirts of Nairobi from encroachment by developers, for which she had received several death threats. On Thursday last week she was murdered as she returned home. It is a truly shocking event that can’t be condemned strongly enough. Bena has started a petition which you can sign “here” if you would like to support the continuation of Joannah’s work.

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