Bits of buildings

There’s no particular connection between the photos this week – they are all parts of buildings that simply caught my eye.

The colours in the different corroding metals were so vivid. This was in a farmyard in Devon.
This is outside a cottage in Hollyhill, West Cork. I’ve been back since and the barrel has deteriorated considerably, so I’m glad I caught it when I did.
This is all about the colour (and the tenacity of plants) – in Skibbereen, West Cork.
The colours of this building in Corfu have more “patina” but are just as striking.
This is on, my old favourite, the Butter Road near Schull.
In a wall in Rossbrin – nature colonising an old post box. The lichens are pretty impressive too.

10 thoughts on “Bits of buildings

  1. You have an amazing eye, Oliver. These are wonderful. Sometimes I find myself wondering about the dates of the photos, even if only approximate. That pink barrel really sticks in my mind. I kinda want to go over there, get the pieces and reconstruct it! Thanks for alerting me to these! Jamie

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  2. The pink barrel one looks like a stage set
    And the Corfu house looks scary…
    All of them seem as much a portrait as of any human.

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    1. I’d never thought of them as portraits but I think you are absolutely right. It’s about capturing the feel or character of the place which, as you say, applies to places as well as people! (I think the Corfu place is a bit ominous because it looks like it has been painted with blood!)


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