The Solent shore

We used to live near the coast on the Hampshire/Dorset border. Our local beaches were on the western approach to the Solent, the body of water between the Isle of Wight and the mainland. It is a varied shoreline, beautiful for walks and full of visual treats.

On a rare wind free day the diminishing salt marsh catches the evening sun. This valuable and diminishing habitat is under threat from human activity and rising sea levels. Once gone it can’t be replaced.
That is more salt marsh on the left but it was the seaweed caught on the barbed wire that grabbed my attention.
There is always evidence of human activity….
….but the sea usually wins in the end.
The smooth round “boulders” in these last two shots are washed out of the clay based cliffs along the beach. They normally become buried in the sand but, after a storm, the sands can shift and leave them exposed. They look a bit like an army of turtles swarming up the beach!

5 thoughts on “The Solent shore

  1. The beach at Barton, a favourite of ours, is constantly shifting. The clays are famous for small fossils and especially shark’s teeth dating back 40 million years. I particularly love the boulder picture – a very unusual event.


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