Nature taking over

When we abandon or neglect the structures we have created, nature will inevitable reclaim them. This process has a fascination that combines the beauty of the original man made and exuberance of the incoming vegetation.

The ivy on this house in Co Clare reminds me of an unkempt beard.
The mossy trees here look like they are about to march through the ruined cottage.
In this example the ivy looks like it is wrapping the house in a warm blanket.
Here, the vegetation looks like a river in spate, crashing through the old gates.
This elegant window is in the walled garden at Bantry House is a building where plants would once have been prepared for the big gardens.
Lastly, I have an example of a case where nature didn’t eventually win, at least not for the time being. It is the house we bought in 2014 and have now renovated. It is a joy to live in it.

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